Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Wavey Cross

A few years ago I had a vision of a wavey cross. The cross was made of bright white light, and at the time, it seemed symbolic of a light entering the darkness.

Then yesterday, I felt like I was having a tough time truly forgiving some things that had recently popped up. There was, you know, the usual temptation to regard myself and others as bodies, and there was some anger in my mind. If you read my blog yesterday, it was obvious that I was in need of a miracle.

Then last night, I finally stopped procrastinating on watching my latest flick from netflix. The movie was called Dragonfly starring Kevin Costner (total babe!).

Anyway, darned if that movie wasn't chalked full of wavey crosses! By the time it was over, my unjustified anger (is there any other kind?) was gone. I got in bed just dripping with gratitude. I kept saying thank you, thank you, thank you, over and over.

Thanks God, thanks ten million!


  1. Kevin IS a total babe... aren't we all? But he did choose a particularly good looking body to appear in! That movie was a good one too! And isn't it fun when you get a miracle like that right after you expressed the need for one? And this is to thank you for reminding me that can and does happen all the time and all we need is to become aware of it! Thank you again and again and ten million!

  2. Thank you, too! Yes, it is fun. I don't usually get the symbol to go along with the miracle, but I always get the miracle. That is encouraging!

  3. Awesome, you finally got to see Dragonfly!!! I told you it was a good one!!! Wavey crosses - giddy up!