Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jesus and My Television

I learned in my Abnormal Psychology class that if you think God talks to you through your television set then you don't just have problems, you have big problems! Luckily, I don't think that. That's crazy!

God doesn't talk to me through my TV set...just Jesus does!

What? It's not like he gives me the combination to my bank's vault or anything like that. He just gives me little messages about being best friends and stuff.

I know this doesn't make me special because He's best friends with anyone who wants to be best friends with Him.

The Course does say that Jesus meets us where we are at. So, it's no wonder He meets me at the television, right? I'm there often enough.

Truth be told, these types of occurrences are where I came up with the name "mad Course student" to begin with!

Usually, I just can't tell for certain whether I'm the normal kind of mad or extra mad...but with this true forgiveness going on all the time, I realize it just doesn't matter!


  1. I love "getting messages" through the TV! It always makes me wonder... so many things have to be exactly right to get those messages... the idea to put them on there (whether intentional or not), the delivery, and of course that I would be there to receive the message and be willing to hear it. To me, it's just so fun...

  2. That's how I got the title for my upcoming book - through a tv commercial last summer. Giddy up!

  3. Whew! All of this is good to know! Thanks guys!