Monday, June 21, 2010

I'd Be Fired...

if this were a "real" job, and the goal involved actually writing something each day! It's a good thing J only hires and never fires, huh? Least that's what I heard.

It's been a crazy few days or a crazy billion years, all depending on how you look at it. And if you're feeling particularly right minded, well then, it really hasn't! I think our brother Jesus puts it like this (paraphrasing)... Not one note in Heaven's song was missed.

Anyway, I think I might actually have some good fake stuff to write about this week if I ever get around to it!

There's been no shortage of forgiveness opportunities around my neck of the dream! I've got stories about a gallon of milk dumped straight out on my living room carpet and not by accident...okay, it was only half a gallon, but still, and stories about my momentarily missing 10 year old son during which time I completely forgot about Jesus and this Course! I know a moment doesn't sound like a long time, but it sure can seem like an eternity!

Anyway, I appreciate all my brothers and sisters who gather here to read and write (and all my brothers and sisters who don't). I'll be back tomorrow, reading and writing, probably!


  1. I have visions of your milk jug rising into the air on its own in order to pour onto your carpet. Was there a hand attached? I think raising children can be the hardest job you'll ever love and DO give us a plethora of forgiveness opportunities! God Bless All the Children of this world, of which we are they!

  2. Oh yes, a little, teensy hand! And I second that blessing!