Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It Was a Little-Teensy Hand

Yes, it was a little, teensy two-year-old hand, to be exact, that was holding the handle on that milk jug as milk poured out all over my practically brand new living room carpet. It was no accident. In fact, in his little mind, it served me right because I was on the phone.

I could kinda tell he didn't want me to talk on the phone by the blood curdling scream he let out when the phone rang and I answered it. This meant I had to begin and end my conversation in another room with the door closed.

There were older brothers here and there, but their heads were stuck in computer screens. The sound of milk dumping onto the floor apparently wasn't enough to shake them out of their computer comas.

Well, I certainly felt the infamous "slight twinge of annoyance" that J talks about in His Course. At the same time, I figured someone had better forgive this mess. After all, there's no difference between forgiving some illusory image that pops up in front of my face right now and forgiving the original instant that I took the "tiny mad idea" of separation seriously.

So, I did my job and forgave truly, and I did my cover job which was cleaning up the mess, and I did my other cover job which was putting that baby to bed early! Funny, after he was in bed, that phone never rang again!

It figures, I mean it's forgiven.


  1. Great story of true practice of forgiveness, Dawn! Wish I had this Course when I was raising my young ones. Well, I can look back with HS on the parts that I thought I did 'wrongly' and forgive that, too. Overall, I feel like I did a pretty good job, in the 'lusion. At least my daughter says so! :-)

    Rock on, Dawn. So happy for us that we are waking up together :-)

    Love, Triskana

  2. Oh, Triskana, I never know if I'm doing the right thing. So, I'm basically just practicing forgiveness and trusting J so that when I screw it all up (which could even be daily), it's okay because it was only a dream! Always simple but not always easy, huh?