Friday, June 4, 2010

Forgiving Butts

I was going to chat about a weird forgiveness opportunity that came up yesterday while riding in the car with my three sons. BUT instead, I think I'll chat about the three ways of undoing the ego as taught by my favorite famous author and Course teacher, Gary Renard.

(I'll save the discussion about "forgiving butts" for tomorrow...stayed tuned!)

These three strategies for undoing the ego are in no particular order, and they all come from Gary's podcasts which can be found by clicking on the link for his website which is located in the upper right hand corner of this screen.

The first way takes about 10 seconds. What you do is put the Holy Spirit in charge of your thoughts, decisions, and your whole entire day. I personally do this within a few minutes of waking each day. I simply think this thought, "J, you be in charge of my thoughts, my decisions, and my whole entire day. I would step back and let you lead the way." That last line is from the Course's Workbook. I believe it's from Lesson 155. I also think a similar thought before going to bed. I think, "J, you be in charge of my thoughts, my dreams, and my whole entire night." Hey, I like to be covered whether I appear to be awake or sleeping.

As a teensy sidenote, I also like to remember to thank the Holy Spirit for His Help at the end of each day!

The second way is to use the form of true prayer that is taught in The Disappearance of the Universe in chapter 13 entitled, True Prayer and Abundance. This is an active decision that says, "God, You are all I want. I'm thankful that You created me to be exactly the same as You. I thank You for keeping me perfectly safe and completely taken care of. I would have no other Gods before You, no Love but Yours." Then you become silent and just get lost in God's Love! It is simple and beautiful! Gary recommends we do this five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night. He's one smart cookie!

The third way is to practice true forgiveness which means monitoring your thoughts and feelings and forgiving anything that seems to disturb your peace of mind. With this kind of forgiveness, you are choosing to take responsibility for dreaming. Now, it's your dream, and so, you're forgiving your brothers and sisters for what they HAVEN'T really done. You're basically saying, "Wait a minute, neither one of us really exists separately from God. So, the guilt that I thought was in you is really just imagined guilt that is in my own mind. Now, I can forgive "both" of us for what we haven't really done, and I trust the Holy Spirit and choose His strength." Of course, there can be different variations on the forgiveness thought process. As long as all the elements are there, we can think whatever right-minded thoughts we prefer.

Consistently doing these three things can't help but lead us to the Peace of God! Also, it couldn't hurt to study the Course book a bit, do the Workbook, and maybe read Gary's book(s) a few dozen times if that's what turns you on. It sure turns me on! The reason it does is because I see in it my whole way way out of misery, my way out of suffering, my way out of hell, it's time to go HOME!


  1. Well this is Anonymous-1 here... only because I can't figure out how to grab a name... maybe I should be "duh"! Anyways thanks for the meditation explanation... I loved all three "strategies" and plan to incorporate them into my "work". I think I may have been forgiving too much.. I go around forgiving EVERYTHING that appears... not just what makes me uncomfortable. Maybe that's why I feel so overwhelmed with forgiveness ops... ya think?

  2. Well, it's good that you're recognizing that God did not create any of the world including the good parts. There is no world according to J, so how could God have created any of it? And yes, when you're not feeling uncomfortable then you can celebrate or even just relax! When you are feeling uncomfortable that's when it's time to forgive...and "duh" should certainly NOT be your name.

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  4. Well put comments in response, Mad Course Student! I couldn't have said it better myself. Just kidding with you! Reminds me of something from Your Immortal Reality:

    Arten: You’ve been doing really well on the road, by the way. I couldn’t have done any better myself. Well, yes, I could, but I’m trying to make you feel good.
    Gary: Funny, you least famous of the disciples.

  5. Hey, I love that part in YIR! Thanks for your comments, and for posting that quote!