Saturday, June 5, 2010

Forgiving Butts Continued...

Alright, as promised, let's chat about forgiving butts. I was riding down the street in Jamestown, New York with my three boys. I'm a rider rather than a driver now because my oldest is sweet 16 and fully armed with a permit.

Anyway, we drove past these two guys on bicycles, and they had their regular shorts pulled down just below their butt cheeks. They had boxer shorts on too, so we didn't actually see any bare butts, but I had the thought, "Pull your pants up!"

Then I caught myself making these brothers wrong for wearing their shorts down too low. What's that but a judgment? So, I forgave my brothers, and thus myself, for what we hadn't really done.

Then the next day I got up and got dressed, and later I notice that the shorts I am wearing are actually men's boxer shorts! Ha, that'll learn me!

That part of the mind J calls the ego just wants to keep on projecting, and apparently, any old target will do!

I guess that's why He calls it mind training!


  1. 'That'll learn me.' LOL

    Be kind to yourself Mad Course Student. You didn't forgive right away, but you did eventually. Pat yourself on the back. : )

    This post reminds of a video clip. I'll post on your Facebook page. Giddy up!