Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Loss for Words

Well, I'm at a loss for words today. It's my third day back blogging, and I just don't have anything interesting to report.

My shower drain has been all clogged up for a couple of weeks. I hate it when that happens! So today, after I forgave it, I poured a bottle of Liquid Plumber down there, and wa-la, all fixed.

What does that have to do with A Course in Miracles? Not a freaking thing as far as I know, but if my reader has any thoughts, I'd love to hear them!

Funny, I said, "my reader." I do have one, and she's a gosh darn good one favorite, in fact!

What else...I only did half of my five minute meditation this morning. The HS is in charge, but I didn't get to the getting lost in God's Love part. Maybe that's the problem? Um, well geez, God bless us all!


  1. Well maybe that drain is symbolic of the "clogged" up way you've been feeling, or your clogged up "words" and maybe by successfully unclogging it, you have unclogged those too! Now I'm sorta' new to all this but I DO love it so far. Haven't even finished DU yet... SO much to absorb. I do have to ask, where did you get your meditation from? Is it in the book in the parts I haven't gotten to? Did you make it up? If so, could you explain to me how you do it? What do you "get" out of doing it? Sounds like something I could use and believe me... some days it feels like I could use all the help I can get! Thanks!

  2. Heck, today's post is just for you, and will answer all the questions you've asked here! Enjoy, and thanks for being my reader!

  3. not "wa-la," rather voila! :0 Gary fans unite, forgive his fictional A&P and A&P will be saved from Perry fans. Declare you do not care if they are fictional and love their characters regardless. Let Perry fans know you are serious course students as well as fans of Gary; write the Circle of Atonement to let them know you forgive them for trespassing against Gary.

  4. Who in heck is Parry?

  5. I can't do the True Prayer meditation either, at least not the way Arten and Pursah prescribe it. I do it while walking, iPod in tow, getting lost in joy with my rock n roll music, my symbol for reconnecting with spirit. I get lost in the Love, and have done exactly what True Prayer is all about - forgetting about the things I think I need.

    'The secret of True Prayer is to forget the things you think you need.'

  6. You make such a nice addition to my blog! Thank you, brother!