Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Super Glue

I have this favorite pair of sandals that look like they're about 2000 years old. The sole had started to separate from...well, the rest of the sole. I wasn't about to take it seriously, but this situation has been tripping me up quite a bit when I'm walking.

The kids voted on a brand new pair, so I did look for some. I think they must have stopped making them a long, long time ago just like they stopped making my favorite shorts which I have on right now from the 10th grade(they're stretchy!), and my favorite chapstick, my favorite lipstick, my favorite mascara, and mug-o-lunch.

Had I known, they were going to stop making all my favorite stuff, perhaps I would have bought a whole lot more of it while it was still available. Hey, I guess that's kind of like had I known that taking the "tiny mad idea" of separation seriously was going to lead to hell, perhaps I would have laughed a whole lot more!

Gotta love the land of perpetual change, NOT!

Anyway, I bought some super glue and what do ya know, my sandals are completely whole again. Hmmm, if only forgiving the world were that easy...


  1. Glad your sandals are whole again. Mug-o-lunch, LOL. I had to google it. Did Mug-o-lunch come with freeze pops for desert? ; )

  2. Oh my! I hope they don't quit making freeze pops! (just kidding!) I kind of like change myself... to me it represents new ways to look at things, new opportunities to experience. Of course I now know that there is really nothing new under our sun, but there are different ways to see the same old thing that comes in different forms. So I'm up for that! In any event... I hope those sandals take you right where you want to go and I'll see you there!

  3. Hi MCS :)
    (easier than writing it all out :))

    Your blogging frequently now. Love that. Thanks for all the articles and thoughts. I'm with you on the loving CHANGE idea - much prefer constant peace, at least so I think :)

    ps. Hi GiddyupMikey - definitely interested in your book. All the best with that.

  4. Thanks friends for hanging out with me here and actually commenting! I'm trying to blog consistently since so many people have weirdly suggested it...even people who have never read a blog in their entire life! Also, this is how I really got to know Mikey. If blogging gets me friends like him, well then, I'll keep right on yacking!