Monday, June 28, 2010

My New Favorite

I have an announcement! My new favorite quote is...

"It is impossible to overestimate your brother's value."
ACIM T-20:V:3:1

I find this one succinct statement really says it all! My brothers are not the bodies my eyeballs seem to see. They are really Christ! How simple and beautiful is the truth?

I've read this quote in the text of the Course a number of times, but it never really jumped off the page at me until I read it in my good friend, Giddyupmikey's, book which isn't available yet but will be later this year! I'll have more official announcements right here at this blog as the time draws nearer. Stay tuned!

I let Mikey know how much I enjoyed reading it in his book, and he said he had been reading the Course one day and it jumped right out at him! I'm so glad it did!

I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!


  1. In the interest of full disclosure, I wasn't actually reading from the Course. Reading from the Course is torture for me, so I don't generally do it.

    Anyway, I was skimming, flipping through the pages, and rather quickly I might add, then as I was about to turn to the next page, "It is impossible to overestimate your brother's value" just jumped right off the page at me. I love it when that happens, especially quotes that I haven't already heard from Arten and Pursah.

    And MCS, I mean Dawny, thanks for the pre-plug on my book. : )

    Eyeballs, LOL. I'm easily amused, that's a funny sounding word.

  2. Mikey... you can add me to your list of "fans". I look forward to reading your book with my eyeballs that aren't! :o)

  3. I have to laugh at myself, Mikey. You had used that MCS abbreviation here the other day, and I racked my mind trying to come up with the answer. I finally decided it meant many Course students, and then today it finally dawned on me, duh, that's me, mad Course student! Dunce cap is fitting well indeed! P.S. Anonymous, you're gonna love Mikey's book!

  4. Thanks Anonymous. I just posted a new post on my blog, something I had posted on Facebook over the weekend: My Salvation Comes From Me, and I Need Do Nothing

    Many Course Students, LOL. You weren't that far off. I'm glad it DAWNed on you. : )

  5. That is a very new line to emphasize. I've never thought of that one, but it is kind of cool to consider. (I'm mostly ACIMed out these days, but it's testimony to the statement that it stands out even to my jaded mind !! (:...

    Many thanks for the blog, and the conversations here.