Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Sure Do Love That Lady!

I sure do love that lady, my mom! I spent the day with her today, and I'm just so glad I did! I want to share a poem she wrote many years ago. It's just one of many in a book she published called My Way Was the Hard Way:(You Can Take the Easy Way) by P.G. Clark. Thank you, mom. I thank God for you!

The poem is called, The Answer. She wrote it long before she became a student of A Course in Miracles. Enjoy!

Today I make a solemn vow
To others I will give
I honor all with a bow
I'll show you how to live
God grace me with your wisdom
To remember from where I came
Help me to be humble
And live only in your name
I shall only use my name
As a pseudonym
For any good that comes from me
Came only straight from Him
So Lord I ask sincerely
Use me now and ever more
My choice to love you clearly
Is to open wide the door
That door's been shut for way too long
Through ignorance and fear
I beg you please sing me your song
And hold me by you near
Let me do you work on earth
Let me spread the word
Give to me the message
The one we haven't heard
That love's the answer to our plight
No bombs or guns will win the fight
Love's the only way to go
Just listen now He told me so
That's the message simple and true
It comes from God to me to you
Heed the word don't turn away
For that's what's brought us
To this day.


  1. Your Mom really IS something! A beautiful message clearly delivered! Where can I buy that book?