Sunday, December 20, 2009

You Spot It, You Got It!

I don't know who first coined that phrase. I believe I first heard it while reading at either the DU discussion group or Course Talk.

But, man oh man, if you're a Course student, there's no getting away from it. I don't see any way to actually correct someone else. First of all, according to Jesus, there is no one else. So, the minute I walk up to someone, or call them up, or whip out my keyboard to straighten out one of my brothers or sisters, what am I really doing but making the separation real in my own mind.

Now, if someone is standing on my toe, I'll speak up. There's no need to be weird!

But if someone thinks I'm a poor student who doesn't forgive right or whatever, what does that really say about me? In truth, it says nothing about me. What it really says is that the person making the judgments secretly believes they are guilty otherwise they wouldn't need to make the judgments. And if one of my brothers is surrounded by imaginary guilt, the last thing I want to do is reinforce it.

So knowing that much makes it so much easier to just stop and join with Jesus in my mind and forgive "both" of us for what we haven't really done. And if I can keep that up, I will become whole again! Thank God!


  1. I DO get this. So would you say your understanding is that the only way to teach is by example? What if you can present a different view gently to someone without judgment? I Do get this but maybe I don't. Oh oh..

  2. Oh, you do get it! Yes, I would say the best way to teach is by example, but certainly, if you can present a different view without judgment that would work just fine. There's a part in the Course where Jesus says if you find yourself pointing out the errors of other egos you must be seeing through your own ego. So, it is tricky to do it successfully, and after you forgive you may or may not be inspired to do something on the level of form. You probably just wouldn't be invested in the outcome meaning whether they seem to "get it" or not.

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  4. Yes, as the Course says, 'To teach is to demonstrate.' M p 1 (Intro:2:1)

    I had to stop my ego in its tracks in reaction to someone on my Facebook page recently. I did manage to do that, but I did have to really work at it, it was so tempting to want to be right instead of just being happy.

    Dawn, it's so refreshing to hear someone on-line that really 'gets' DU and ACIM. I'm loving your blog, and I don't generally take the time to read people's blogs. Giddy!