Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Back by Popular Demand

Okay, I slacked.

The good news is I have this friend. Let's just call her Christ seeing as that's who she really is anyway. We chat a lot about A Course in Miracles. We also chat a lot about other stuff like Shrouds of Turin, who shot JFK, aliens, reincarnation, the in between life, communicating with the "dead", reading cards, Christmas shopping, making money, and what we ate on Thanksgiving. We have a good time putting things into perspective using the Course and the Holy Spirit as our guide.

She suggested that since I have a daily blog maybe I could blog daily. I think she might be a genius! Anyway, we were just talking about all the fascinating things in the Universe of time and space that aren't really there. The Course says, "There is no world. This is the central thought the Course attempts to teach..."

Yet, there is nothing wrong with our dream if we understand it and forgive it. It's hardly a shock that I used my beginner's interpretation of the Course to interpret the Course in the beginning. So, I thought that some of the things that Jesus says like, "The world was made as an attack on God," meant that the world is bad.

Well, how could something that doesn't exist be bad? Yeah, the real reason we needed to make up a world in the first place was to separate ourself from the guilt in our mind over what we thought we did. Yet, here's Jesus saying none of us did what we thought we did because you can't actually attack God except in unreal dreams. So, now instead of hiding out in the world, we can use it to get home.

Also, while we appear to be in the world, we always have the option of remembering where Jesus insists we really are... safe at home in Heaven! Just that one idea is fun to think about. If it's really true which it's got to be considering the Source, then we can probably all just relax, forgive, and have fun!

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  1. DU p 242:
    Forgiveness doesn't mean you have to give up anything on the level of form. Your psychological attachment to things is one of the ways your ego clings to the body and the world. That will need to be forgiven. It masks you unconscious resistance to the truth that there is no world. Most people don't want to hear that their dreams and passions are really false idols - a substitute for God and Heaven. There's nothing wrong with your dream if you understand it and forgive it. Forgive - and then do what you and the Holy Spirit choose to. And have fun!