Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I've just always wanted to complain about the Course wrecking up some of my favorite words like the word "special" for instance. Now, that's always been a good word in my book. Just visit the card aisle and you'll see the word "special" all over the place. To a special boy, On this special day, For my special someone, This special time, This special place, all meaning extra good, right?

Well, then Jesus comes along and uses the word "special" to mean the word "separate!" Yikes, if I remember right, that was the whole problem in the first place! And that's the very thing I'm trying to realize that I'm not! And so, now I'm coming to terms with how often I do seek to be special which is really just separation in disguise! Man, see what I mean...all wrecked up!

Also, He wrecked up the word "magic" too because I loved the idea of magic being a twinkling of the nose, a wave of the wand and waalaa whatever you want. And then, here comes this new definition which basically amounts to apparently anything that we've made as a substitute for God like air, food, and water. What the heckity, heck? Sometimes, I think He's freakin' crazy, but I know it's really me, hence the name!

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  1. LOL

    We are 'special' to realize that no body and no thing is special!

    From the movie Groundhog Day:

    Bill Murray: I don't worry about anything anymore.

    Andee McDowell: What makes you so special? Everybody worries about something?

    Bill Murray: That's exactly what makes me so special.

    I love that line!