Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday!

First, today one of my three sons, George, turned 10! So, happy birthday, Georgie!

Second, what is a wig wam?

And third, I find it challenging to answer the question, "What is A Course in Miracles?" Tonight at the birthday party, someone who has never even heard of the Course asked me that question, and I was a bit at a loss for words. Then afterwords, I thought of what I should have said and cringed at what I did say. How do you sum that up real quick? I find it easier to talk about it when I think I'm talking to people who already know all about it. And it's always fun to remember the larger truth that no matter who I think I'm talking to, it's really Christ that's out there. And He already knows everything! Maybe, it's not a big deal, and we're all innocent no matter what we say or don't say. Yeah, that sounds most logical.

And maybe, I'm just chatting because I said I was going to, and I hate it when I lie to myself, LOL.

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  1. There are many different ways you could to describe the Course. I think the approach depends on who you're talking to. If you're speaking to someone with a New Age background, I think it's a lot easier to be more blunt about the Course, where as if you were speaking to conservative Christians, you could tell them it's about love and forgiveness, and applying it into your every day life.

    Another approach could be that it is a path that is similar to Buddhism but with the Christian terminology, getting in touch with the power of the mind, and taking responsibility for your life.

    As for me, I like to say it's Jesus correcting Christianity while giving us practical ways of applying what he was really teaching back in the day: love and forgiveness.

    I could go on.....