Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Book Excerpt Time, Again!

The very next day from that same section called, "Year Five: 2009"

9/9/09 Dear J, Wowie, wow, wow, wow, and wow! Yesterday I didn't even know what day it was, and today it's like I know everything. I asked you one simple question over and over and you gave me one simple answer over and over in the most beautifully symbolic ways, and all that kind of triggered and experience of love that is not of this world, yet is surely reflected here in all of my brothers.

Albert ended up having just one early nap, so he was asleep in time for me to watch one of my favorite shows, Scrubs, on Comedy Central last night. Ted and his accapella group of singers broke into that song that goes, "Who are you, hu, hu, hu, hu. I really want to know..." That was wild and had my attention!

So anyway, this nurse, Laverne, who is always talking about you and loves having sex, died a while back, and now, there's a new nurse who looks exactly the same as her (same actor) working in the hospital where the show mainly takes place. JD, the main character, nicknames the new nurse Lavernagain. So anyway, all of that kind of answered my question because no matter what body my eyes seem to see it's really Christagain. So as I look at my brothers and all my crazy thoughts about them, I can turn to you, and you show me that it's really Christagain. How lovely is that? Thank God. Love, Dawn

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