Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Course Group

I joined a new online Course group on New Year's Eve. It's called On Course with Gene Bogart. I receive an email of the lesson each day. Plus, I can listen to Gene's recording of the lesson as well.

I'm not too sure of how it all works yet. I think I still need to get approval to be an official member of the group, but if I do get in, this will be my very first Course "group"!

I always liked complaining that there are no Course groups in this area until my good friend Giddy-up Mikey did a little research and found me one just 30 minutes away. Come to find out, I don't actually want to leave the house, apparently.

Anyway, this online group seems like it will suit me just fine! For anyone who may be interested you can just google On Course with Gene Bogart, and there he'll be!

By the way, I'm 2 for 2 on the lessons so far! I can't imagine I'm really gonna be able to pull off the workbook in 365 days. But it'll be fun tryin' and with a group no less!


  1. I find the Course to be such a personal thing. I'm not sure how I would fit in with a group. It would be interesting to maybe sit in once in a while to see where others are, but I just always feel like I get what I get right when I'm supposed to get it. I wonder sometimes if that's the wrong attitude, but then I wonder if there is a right one! LOL! I just think as long as I'm open to it, it will come as I'm ready for it.... Love your blog.... Seth

  2. Yes, I agree the Course is a personal thing, a self study Course! The group is really for forgiveness and joining with like minded people, and in my forgetful case, the lovely email reminders of the daily lesson.

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  4. Yes, all about joining with people of like mind, a support system and sharing experiences. Course groups are also especially great for practicing forgiveness on the people that show up that annoy you, LOL.