Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's Raining Epilogues!

Hello and Happy New Year! Again!

I was just reviewing my blog in an attempt to blog, and I see that not only did I post the Epilogue last night, but I also posted it four blogs ago. I also noticed that these alleged epilogues weren't saying the same thing.

That was baffling to me, so I started searching through my brand-new, just got it for Christmas, paperback, combined volume, third edition of A Course in Miracles that is published by the Foundation for Inner Peace. And I see that the epilogue I posted last night is for the Workbook and the epilogue I posted four blogs ago is for the Clarification of Terms.

I have to wonder where the heck my mind was all those times I read the book?

In any event, how lovely that there are two epilogues! Especially, since Jesus is obviously such a fantastic Epilogue-er!

Thanks ten million, J!

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