Monday, January 10, 2011

The Bachelor

I am going to confess that I'm a huge fan of this reality dating show called "The Bachelor." I have a date with this show every Monday night at 8 o'clock on ABC!

I had my winner all picked out during the first episode which aired last Monday. I was betting on Emily, hands down! And then wouldn't ya know it, the previews for next week's show have her saying she just wants to go home!

Hey wait a minute, that's where I wanna go, too!

Well, far be it for me to judge, and so instead, I'll just share a little of what J has to say about judgment in the Manual for Teachers.

It is necessary for the teacher of God to realize, not that he should not judge, but that he cannot. In giving up judgment, he is merely giving up what he did not have. He gives up an illusion; or better, he has an illusion of giving up. He has actually merely become more honest. Recognizing that judgment was always impossible for him, he no longer attempts it. This is no sacrifice. On the contrary, he puts himself in a position where judgment through him rather than by him can occur. And this judgment is neither "good" nor "bad." It is the only judgment there is, and it is only one: "God's Son is guiltless, and sin does not exist."

Hey, I just posted that last line like four blogs ago!

Ha-hem, He goes on to say:

Remember how many times you thought you knew all the "facts" you needed for judgment, and how wrong you were! Is there anyone who has not had this experience? Would you know how many times you merely thought you were right, without ever realizing you were wrong? Why would you choose such an arbitrary basis for decision making? Wisdom is not judgment; it is the relinquishment of judgment. Make then but one more judgment. It is this: There is Someone with you whose judgment is perfect. He does know all the facts; past, present and to come. He does know all the effects of His judgment on everyone and everything involved in any way. And He is wholly fair to everyone, for there is no distortion in His perception.

Therefore lay judgment down, not with regret but with a sigh of gratitude. Now are you free of a burden so great that you could merely stagger and fall down beneath it. And it was all illusion. Nothing more. Now can the teacher of God rise up unburdened, and walk lightly on. Yet it is not only this that is his benefit. His sense of care is gone, for he has none. He has given it away, along with judgment. He gave himself to Him Whose judgment he has chosen now to trust, instead of his own. Now he makes no mistakes. His Guide is sure. And where he came to judge, he comes to bless. Where now he laughs, he used to come to weep.

MAD COURSE STUDENT: Very clear, thanks J.


  1. And very inspirational. Thanks for sharing that great find! Seth

  2. Awesome! And as Arten told Gary, 'Don't be judgey!'

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