Thursday, August 5, 2010

Level Confusion...Gone!

One of my very best girlfriends who I'll call Christ since that's who she really is anyway sent me a couple of emails that I found to be not only helpful but truly profound. One line just jumped right out at me. I'll let you guess which one. She gave me permission to share them here:

I had a bout of true hysteria yesterday and gave up on ACIM. Went ballistic on like 18 strangers. I kept calling for Holy Spirit but couldn't find Him. Then I had a dream about being above it all and I could see how silly and insane it is and how this is hell. Then I got up this morning and read my next lesson, but not the text of it... just the lesson. "God is the Love I forgive in." We'll see... Love you, Christ

and then:

Well I'm in the hospital. I didn't really give up on ACIM... Just got pissed off at a lot of people over all this health shit, threw a hissy fit and finally got what I wanted which was to stop being put off... Sometimes I think...maybe it's better to send an ego to do an ego's job. Such craziness...And although I felt better forgiving it all... I had to be a bitch to get anything to happen.

Only here 23 hours I think...but maybe longer if they do surgery. I don't care what they do...just do something! I was so sick of having waves of numbness wash over me while I just waited for an appointment days away...everytime I went numb, I would think "am I ready?" And I'd think, "no not yet"... and then I turned into super bitch, drama queen, hissy fitter supreme!

Since then I've been able to be in heaven, watching my dream, and seeing others in their dream...It really is a much nicer place to be... Love you, Christ

Okay, did you guess which line jumped right off the page? It was this one, "Maybe it's better to send an ego to do an ego's job." Wowie, wow, wow! God knows (not really) I could have used that little piece of wisdom about 10 million times since starting this process. Sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do!

She's always been the smartest cookie in the bag! I love her dearly now and from the first moment she spoke to me!

I'm thinking of her the way she really is which is not a body but Christ, pure and innocent, all is forgiven and released. Amen.


  1. Did someone say cookie? Chocolate chip? Oatmeal raisin? Peanut butter chocolate chip? Oatmeal cranberry? If they're vegan, I'm scoffing them! Like your friend said, 'Maybe it's better to send an ego to do an ego's job.' My ego loves to scoff - yum!

  2. Interesting post, Dawn -

    I'm not sure if I agree or disagree with your Christ friend, but it worked for her, and that's what's important, I guess ?

  3. Well here is the thing. I forgave and blessed all those health professionals that were doing nothing a million times. I saw that none of it was real. I found peace in that but not physical results because unfortunately, I was trying to get physical results by operating from a metaphysical level. Correction can only be made on the level where error occurs. I learned that the hard way. So in the end, I corrected the physical aspects on the physical level and the metaphysical aspects on that level. Whether right or wrong, doesn't matter. It worked for me!

  4. Well, I know the words do sound a bit extreme, but in content it reminds me of a few of J's words in the Course, "I do not call for martyrs but for teachers." And also Pursah's words in DU paraphrasing, If you're a woman and a man is trying to rape you, kick him in the balls. Personally, I have always made a lovely doormat. If someone wants to pull my hair everyday at 3 o'clock, somehow I'll manage to be there without fail! So, this helps me to see that it's okay to be assertive because heck, it's only a dream! As always, I'm grateful for everyone's comments and participation.

  5. Dear Anonymous-poster-above:
    I'm not sure whether your post above was catalysed by what I wrote to Dawn. In the event it was, please let me clear the air - I too was not saying there is anything "right" or "wrong" in the example of Dawn's friend.... I was merely expressing my own thoughts on the subject, and I was not sure whether I agreed or not.
    We are all individuals here with unique individual perceptions. Very rarely do I see two people agreeing on any one perception on any one event/situation.
    I hope you see that I'm not judging in terms of right/wrong. Of course, if your post had nothing to do with mine, then we're all set, and can rock on !! (:
    Cheers, and take care,