Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dawns On You

Isn't it funny how you can hear an idea over and over and over and think about it over and over and over and then suddenly it's like it finally dawns on you! I love it when that happens. Today the idea that I really don't have to take anything seriously including my own guilt (is there any other kind?) just dawned on me.

What a relief, I tell you! I've been feeling so guilty about not blogging all that much, and as soon as I stopped taking the guilt seriously, what do ya know, a new blog.

The truth is all guilt is completely made up. It doesn't exist in Reality at all... none, zero, zip, zilch. No exceptions! Same goes for this whole world. Same goes for everything that is not perfect Love.

Sure we experience it as real, but it's a false experience. Jesus, Himself, swears this is the truth. So all the trauma, and drama, and sin, fear, guilt and death was really just the result of taking one tiny mad idea seriously...way too seriously.

And so today I'm not going to. I'm not going to take it seriously! Whew and thank God!


  1. I find that very inspirational. Thank you!

  2. Nice, Dawn.

    Your blog helps us all (but that's not to suggest you have to keep blogging !! (: - As long as you enjoy doing it, we enjoy following your writing.

    It's been a blurry kind of day - this kind of clarity that you express above, is what I can let sink into my mind - the mists will likely clear again soon.

    And even if it doesn't, somewhere, in some dimension of time, in this holographic universe it's probably having some effect, perhaps.

    It would be cool to see all of time from outside of it...


  3. It DAWNED on you, LOL. I guess it couldn't have MIKED on you or ALBERTED on you, or TYLERED on you, or GEORGED on you; it could only have DAWNED on you.

    Yeah, this whole guilt thing sucks, whether it's conscious or unconscious. Not letting the stupid ego sucking us into believing it is real is the key.

    As it says in DU p 240, 'I remember that I'm dreaming. I forgive my projected images and myself for dreaming them. I trust the Holy Spirit and choose His strength. My dream that the separation from God is real is the cause of the problem, and the Holy Spirit's forgiveness is the solution.'

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments. Anil, you will see all of time from outside of it, and it will be even better than cool! And Mikey, you're a ham! I blogged last night, and then I was going to comment on comments, but a big black spider ran across my computer monitor and then disappeared! I barely got to proofread and I had to evacuate the area. I used Pursah's forgiveness thought process on it, but I'm still a little nervous sitting here! So, bye and God bless!