Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ten Buckets of Vomit Part Two

I don't even feel like ten buckets of vomit anymore! And the best part is knowing that I felt like ten buckets of vomit because I wanted to feel like ten buckets of vomit.

It's totally wild to realize I am doing this to myself. And that is very good news! Now, I can choose again and again and again! Feeling like heck is actually good motivation to get back to the business of forgiveness!

The system works, let me tell you. I give the Holy Spirit ten buckets of metaphorical vomit and He gives me a miracle! He's pretty gosh darn consistent, too I've found, because no matter what I give Him as long as I include some willingness, He exchanges it for a miracle.

This is definitely the best deal I've ever even heard of! Yeah, I'm going to keep this up no matter what. Forgiveness is my one responsibility and it's simple and at least just for today, it's really easy!

Oh, and tomorrow, I'm going to write a brand new post with a much less sickening title. I promise, probably!


  1. Hi Dawn -
    Reading your blog is very life-affirming for me :)
    So glad to read this post above.

  2. Thanks Anil! I'm glad to be past that little seeming bit of hell.