Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Movie Review Part Two

Well, my mother came over and spent the night recently, so I got out the A Course in Miracles The Movie and watched it again with her. Now, I feel compelled to say that I liked it even better the second time!

I think maybe I was expecting a hundred million dollar block buster, and so my initial opinion was not as enthusiastic as it could have been.

I do believe the content of the message was right on. They didn't say, "There is no world yeah but maybe..." They said, "There is no world!" As we all know that is the central thought the Course attempts to teach.

The movie is a wonderful reminder of what the Course is all about. I had a distinct sense of joining with all who participated even Puppetji who really lightened things up.

I also became familiar with students of the Course whom I had never heard of before like Early Purdy who laughed his head off and Lyn Corona who obviously gets it!

I plan to look up this Tom Carpenter and Linda Carpenter. They seemed very wise indeed. When I think about the 6 billion brothers appearing on this planet, it is nary a handful who know that A Course in Miracles even exists let alone who actually study and practice it.

To me, this makes each of them very interesting indeed!


  1. Hi Dawn -
    Lyn also has a nice blog, where some of her articles are really touching/mind-expanding.

    On another note, I just listened to Gary's newest podcast yesterday - and was bummed to hear that the release of the book is pushed out even further than I thought. Oh well (: I'll just wait a little longer (:


  2. Hi Anil. Good to hear from you. Hey, I just listened to Gary's latest podcast too! His teaching style is clear as a bell, I say! I hear ya with being bummed about the new book. I can hardly wait for that piece of beautiful wisdom. All I can say is it better be very, very fat! Oh, how I love to read! On that note, I will check out Lyn's blog. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Hi Dawn -
    My eyes opened this morning, and within seconds, the first thought was "there is no world. That is the central thought the Course attempts to teach".

    It was excellent - a very light and happy way to wake up. I think it's because I read your blog right before going to sleep last night.
    So... thanks for keeping this blog absolutely "pure" (: - it helps me a lot to hear these themes repeated again and again from different people, in different forms/formats - but with the underlying message always the same.
    take care,

  4. So, Dawn, dear reviewer! Would this movie make sense to a non-Course student? Do they include the central core message that there is no world in a way that would not startle a non-Course person? Is this mostly just a reminder film for current Course students? Do they explain the basics in a way that is easy to accept? Curiouser and curiouser.

    Thanks for two solid reviews, Dawn! You rock and intrigue, too. Blessings!

  5. Good for you and by you I mean all of us, Anil! There's nothing quite like waking up in your right mind, huh? You ask good questions, Triskana! You know the first time I watched the movie, I actually tried to watch it from a perspective of a non-Course person. That didn't work out so well because I can't seem to un-know what I know. I personally feel it is more for people who at least have a familiarity with the Course already. Right on the DVD case it says, "This powerful movie is designed for ACIM teachers and students to support them and their communities." So it doesn't sound like it is for normal people, LOL! Nor does it seem like it would make sense to them. I'd love to see one designed as an introduction specifically for the brand newbies! Especially if it functioned the way DU has for me. I couldn't wait for my copy of the Course to arrive in the mail after reading DU for the first time! There's just something about DU that every time feels like the first time! You know, Triskana, I would be happy to send you my copy of the movie! You could keep it as long as you like, forever even. Just drop me a private e with your address and it's yours!

  6. Coolio, Dawn! I think we could get some swaps going on. Thanks! Then I could send it on to someone else who wants to view it. Fun in the dream! Yay!
    Thanks, also, for answering all my ????'s.
    Peace, Sister...

  7. Hi Dawn -
    That day of waking up with that perfect thought was followed by two days of Hell (: - so perfect duality is what I'm expecting these days ;)
    But I'm heading to NYC tomorrow, and that's closer to Boston, and therefore closer to where I hope to see Gary on Sept 18 - so there's a cheery thought !!
    Take care,

  8. Yeah, Anil, hope you get to go see the Gar-man and Cindy in Bean town. They're in Europe right now. Tell him, 'giddy up!'

  9. Thanks, Mike
    I hope so too. I've been going to his Boston workshops every year for many years now, but last night, I was wondering if I would be able to make it up to this one (too many logistical challenges as of now :(
    You're so lucky you can refer to him as "Gar-man" :) For me, Gary is up on a pedestal, God-like (although I'm sure he'd never want to be up on a pedestal !! :)
    I find it easier to think of Ken as an equal than Gary - i guess all that shows that i'm very much in my heirarchical ego mind :), but six years after reading DU, I still feel this unbelievable gratitude (and sense of reverence) towards Gary.
    Oh well :)

  10. Hi Anil, I know you're talking to Mikey, but I just wanted to tell you that I totally understand what you are saying. I've only met Gary one time, and I was a nervous freaking wreck. I mean meeting one of the original disciples of Christ! That certainly doesn't happen every day, and it blew my mind! However, he has a way about him of just being nice and normal. I second you on the unbelievable gratitude. Thanks Gary. Thank God!

  11. Hi Dawn -
    'Tis a pleasure to have you join in this conversation. I liken these blog-conversations to being at a party. Lots of people are at the party, but only some people are talking to each other. So whenever another person in the group joins in the conversation, it's a lot of fun.

    The first time I met Gary back in 2005 in Boston, I was so tongue-tied that I couldn't say much at all. (I wasn't remembering his being St. T, etc - but just the sheer gratitude at being able to finally crack open ACIM and get to the meaning of it was a great relief after a life-time of searching for the right philosophy/thought-system that could answer all my questions). And it was clear that he had to go through a lot of trials and tribulations just to get the book out. So I was really grateful to him for making the effort.

    You're right about his being nice and normal - he even wrote out a greeting to my sister on the DU copy I requested him to sign.

    I do see it as a problem (for me) that I tend to put him on a pedestal. It increases my sense of separation from him, (and therefore from everything), to be so self-concious around him. It also means I can't have a normal conversation with him, like I'd like to !! (:

    Anyway, enough of my whining for one night (: - thanks for joining in the conversation. Take care, and chat with you later.

  12. I feel the exact same way, Anil, so that proves that you are not alone! I was spiritually frustrated to the point of near explosion right before finding DU. Like you, it answered all my questions, even ones I didn't know I had. And it got me off on the right foot with ACIM. My gratitude to Gary could fill an ocean. His willingness to share his experiences with Arten and Pursah is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. I'm bettin' that you will have that conversation with him at some point and the day will come when you will know that you are exactly the same as him and J for that matter!