Thursday, August 12, 2010

Movie Review

I got my A Course in Miracles The Movie about 10 days after I ordered it. I've been scared to review it here because I have to say that I didn't agree with all of it. Right off the bat, they said that Ken Wapnick was the editor of ACIM. Well, after 18 and 1/2 times of reading Your Immortal Reality, I'm quite clear that Ken Wapnick was NEVER an editor of the Course. In fact, here's that section from page 145:

PURSAH: First, before I begin correcting the misinformation, let's get one thing straight: From the very beginning of the scribing of A Course in Miracles in 1965, all the way through to the publication of the Course in 1976, there was only one editor of the Course, and that was Helen Schucman. Bill Thetford was never an editor of the Course. Ken Wapnick was never an editor of the Course.

MAD COURSE STUDENT: In that same section, Pursah certainly does discuss Ken's work assisting Helen, and also thanks to Arten and Pursah, we know that Jesus identified Ken as the one who would be responsible for teaching people what the Course means. They also said he would come to be known as the Course's greatest teacher and that people would still be reading his stuff way, way on down the line!

It's no wonder that my favorite part of the movie involved Ken. At the very end, they put a couple of out takes in of him that really cracked me up. At one point he was saying something like, "Can I go now? Can I go now?" and then he said, "Can I have a brownie?" He's a doll! I hope to get to learn from him in person at some point along this illusory time line.

Overall, I give the movie two thumbs up because there were so many brothers and sisters sharing their thoughts on the Course. I could see with my very own eyeballs just how much it means to people. I feel profoundly grateful to be learning and studying it, too!


  1. Can I have a brownie? LOL

    Anyway, learn from Wapnick? Ah, but you already know it all Dawn! You already know what you have to do from here on out! Giddy up!

    Funny, you using the word 'eyeballs.' Gary used that word at the two workshops I attended here in Oregon last month. He was talking about when he first started doing workshops, there were all these sets of eyeballs starring at him. He called it 'The attack of the killer eyeballs.'

    DU p 95:
    Today, whenever the Course is translated into a foreign language, it's Ken's job to make sure that the translator truly understands every single line of the almost 1300 pages. That doesn't mean that Ken is the only teacher of the Course, but he will be viewed in the future as the greatest one. He's the one whom students and scholars will still be reading hundreds, even thousands of years from now.

  2. Haven't seen the movie yet tho' it's on my Netflix list. Totally groove on Wapnick's work. His explanations are mind-expanding!

  3. Hmmm, Dawn, interesting take about the movie. I am sure that I would not agree with some of the thoughts of some of the cast of characters in the movie simply because Gary and his Teachers have influenced me too much to be neutral anymore. I still see Ken as an 'editor' even if he 'assisted' Helen. Its too close of a call not to be able to call him one, in my silly opinion. Okay, assistant editor? LOL

    And I am one of the silly Course students who does not agree, completely, with Ken Wapnick. He is still in a body, has not far as I can tell...and is thus still open to error. His calling people 'bliss ninnies' when they misinterpret the context of the Course...still bugs me. His making derisive comments about those who connect with the Holy Spirit in a more literal way...well, its all about individual curriculums, so who is he to say which way HS can communicate with a student?
    *steps off podium* I just cannot put him up on a pedestal in this lifetime. All ego needs is another idol to delay getting Home. I get much more from reading Arten and Pursah...and they ARE ascended masters. And Ken, for all his academic credentials, does use all those high-falutin' terms...and they are boring to read, for me. Just preferences in the dream. I heard we all get outta here in the end and doesn't make much difference how ya do so, if you seek first the Kingdom of Heaven...listen to HS within in quiet. Easy peasy, right? (well, kinda....)

    Waiting for Gary's television show to materialize in the dream. Now that would be fun to watch. He and Gene B in togas during the life of Jesus bits! Ha Ha Ha!!!

    Now I'm getting carried away. LOL

    Thanks for the movie review, although you sound much kinder about it than I might sound.
    The world is so insane...and I might point that out, even about a so-called 'spiritual' topic. A & P caution about spiritualizing the illusion. Even a well intentioned movie is just pictures of imagined people on pieces of film with audio added! Its how we see this, like anything else in the dream, with which teacher that makes the purpose worthwhile. Giddy up! :-))

  4. Hey, Triskana, have you seen the movie yet? I would love to hear your thoughts. Mikey, I know you haven't seen it yet, but I also sense that you will! I really appreciate you guys chatting here. I'm going to go write a part two! It turns out I have a bit more to say!

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