Wednesday, July 21, 2010

God Made Flesh

If God could be made flesh which He can't, but if He could, the female version would look like my friend who I'll call Christ since that's who she really is anyway. I mean it's just not even normal how good looking this chick is. She's like some sort of goddess or princess or something. I've never seen anything quite like her. And she's just as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside!

She and I hadn't seen each other in years and years. She had moved thousands of miles away, and we had lost touch for awhile. Then last summer she came and stayed with me for a couple of weeks.

I was totally unprepared for how gosh darned much she had blossomed. I thought I was way beyond bodies and envy and stuff 'cause I'm a Course student and so it's like elementary that bodies are not even real and who cares? Right?

Wrong! I fell apart! And how could I not because we would walk into the grocery store and the whole place would just stop shopping or working or whatever they were doing and then they would just stare at her wide eyed and open mouthed. Men, women, children, babies, the elderly, you name it, the entire establishment halts! I've never seen anything like it!

My husband who I have been separated from for quite some time changed practically instantaneously from an extremely angry and disgruntled person into the nicest guy on the illusory planet! All of the sudden he was hanging out, folding the laundry, doing dishes, and acting like he's just always had the disposition of Mother Theresa!

Well, I forgave it all the best I could. I was honest with everyone about how I was feeling, and I only cried like two oceans and three lakes. My friend was very sweet about it, and she agreed to wear a burlap sack anytime my husband was coming to see the kids. Although, that really didn't help much!

Well now, a year has passed, and my friend may be coming to stay! I don't know how I'm going to survive living with this beautiful goddess! I mean who wants to be the ugly duckling? This is a very serious threat to my specialness. I'm going to forgive the best I can, and then I don't know, maybe exercise? Good Lord, I'm going to need a lot of help with this one!


  1. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to see her as she really is and realize you two are really one and the same! Seth

  2. mcs -
    i like reading too, and your writing, fresh from your life is very effective indeed - i come to your blog often waiting for your next post.

    good luck with your beautiful friend - she sounds lovely, but so do you !!

    i can imagine what it feels like - my wife, who's gorgeous and brazilian, admires the young brad pitts and george clooney's on screen, while she sits next to her fat, greying, balding husband !!

    Used to bother me quite a bit in my insecure first year of dating and marriage - now i just smile and am amused by her deep enjoyment of the eye candy (:

    i wrote a long post at another acim community that i post on - and it left me realizing that thanks to acim/gary/du/et al - i am so much more content today than i was when i first dived into the course in 2004.

    another long ramble - but hey, you said you like reading (;

    take care, and thanks always,

  3. Thanks, Seth and Anil, for reading my blog! I'm so glad someone enjoys it. I can't even get my own mother to read it for Heaven's sake, and she's a Course student! Anil, your wife sounds lovely, and just for the record, we women like fat, greying, and balding(especially when it's you and not us)! I'm glad you're feeling more content now, and yes, I do love to read, so thanks for writing!

  4. Oh, Dawn, you're a total babe and you know it. Or at least you should know it. : )

  5. Then throw in your passion for DU/YIR/ACIM and you totally rock, sister!!!

    Pursah: Hey teacher of God. What's up?
    Gary: If I told you, you'd slap my face.
    Pursah: Did we forget to take our anti-smart ass pill this morning?

  6. Hello Dawn, Anil, Seth, Mikey and whoever else reads this blog, regularly. I just got on my humility cap and read every single blog post by Dawn that I had missed since February!!! (I read one, the teensy hand and the milk on the carpet one, for some reason, but did not go back to read the rest until now). Late on a Friday night!

    I guess that I was just not ready for all this lovely writing and associated comments! Thanks, Dawn, for all your sharing. I love that you talk about your everyday experiences and how you apply true forgiveness whenever you remember.

    You also inspired me to get Linda's book. I read lots of excerpts from the 'read a bit of this book' thingie. I will order it in the morning. I am happy that you enjoyed Carrie Triffet's book, too. That was a page-turner for me, as well.

    HS knows just what to put in front of you for the next lesson. Not all of them are hard ones. Some are joyful ones!
    On another note, I saw the new Leonardo movie, "Inception" last weekend. Although it has nothing to do with ACIM, the fact that it has the audience thinking of a perspective outside of their normal thought process felt like HS was planting some seeds of wonderment there. I quietly laughed through the violent bits (I usually don't even go to violent movies) to keep my perspective on the illusory nature of all of it. I want to see it a second time to 'get' more of what happens. Quite a good movie, from my point of view.

    Anyway, I digress. I will work more to read your blog more regularly. Its a sweet lifter upper and great reminders of Truth. Yay!

    And that woman who turns heads all over the place? She is doing her perfect role of being a glowing light to others. Seen in that way, perhaps you will come to accept your perfect role: mother, friend and great Course student, minimally!!! Comparison is of the ego, anyway. In God's Home, we are all One. We don't even have to put on make-up there! Yay! (I never wear make-up, never made any sense to me and it makes my face itch! LOL)

    Much peace and joy to all of you'se out there!


  7. Hi Triskana! It's always lovely when you hang out! You're totally right, comparison is of the ego...and mine is exposed and often doing double duty! But, I'm working on it. Slowly at times, no doubt. Everyone is talking about the movie "Inception," I'm looking forward to it. Glad you stopped by and thanks for all of your comments! And Mikey, are you flirting or is it me?

  8. *laughing at self* Hello Dawn, thanks for your kind reply.

    This afternoon, I made a mistake of trying to defend Mikey's fb wall from a seeming detractor. I posted far too strongly. I got a reply from the detractor who said that I was telling some kind of poo. Why did I think that that detractor was really out there? I was mistaken and fell into ego territory. I replied again, with more outright anger and worked to defend myself against my self! LOL Such insanity.

    At least this time, instead of 'staying right' for a good long time, I did a forgiveness with HS and was able to see how mistaken I was...trying to make ego 'sin' real! LOL
    There is no sin, no bodies, nothing to be angry at...there is no world! I am so grateful for teachers like Mikey and yourself who keep the Light of Love turned on so bright that I can come to either of you, with humility, to look, once again, at which teacher I am choosing and choose again. I feel so much better. Oh, and I deleted my posts...all of them on that post/comment section. That seeming detractor is calling out for Love and by my not accepting his wrong-minded beliefs about himself, by no longer replying to it in kind, I am allowing HS to undo the grievance. Love holds no grievances.

    Thanks for holding me in the Light as I continue to do the forgiveness work.

    IS Mikey flirting with you? *fun in the dream*

  9. Hi Triskana, Hi Dawn -
    Nothing much significant to say -
    except, perhaps... :)

    these days the thought occurs to me that perhaps -- I'm using this blog forum(and other such forums) to avoid looking at all the work I have to do (metaphysical, forgiveness work as well as illusory world work, as well @!! :)

    Good to see you folks here.

  10. Hey, Triskana, I'm thankful for teachers like you! That's a mighty forgiveness example you've shared here, and I find it to be very helpful! It's wild to get to the place where you realize that even when you're right, you're still wrong because there is no world, huh? I'm starting to think humble pie is one of my very favorite foods. I eat enough of it, but you know, it tastes just like chicken! And Anil, how about asking the Holy Spirit to participate with you? Then you can use it for forgiveness without the guilt!

  11. Humble pie tastes just like chicken! Ha ha ha. What must it taste like to a vegan? *will ask my very favorite vegan about that* You know who you are...:-D

    Thanks for the encouragement and gentleness, Dawn, as usual.

    Anil, doubting oneself may be ego interfering with one's studies. I agree with Dawn about inviting HS to look at this with you.

    Recently, I have been rushing to the 'goal' of playing out the 'perfect Course student' again, and need to take some time out for just being ego self for a while. Too much of a good thing can end up in stress. Even too much Course! (Ego wants me to overdo Course in order for me to stop pursuing it...sneaky ego!) No need to rush because we all get Home...its guaranteed.
    *whew* Ahhhhh, relief! Being kind to self is joining with HS/J. Peace, all.

  12. Jesus Triskana, I think you're reading my mind!

  13. Well, uhm, full name is Jesus Triskana W., but you can call me just Triskana. *pulls your leg* Referring, of course, to your greeting above there. *ahem* *cough* *cough* Which part am I reading your mind about, exactly?? I always seem to say alot...habit of speech. LOL


  14. Tastes like chicken? Are you confusing humble pie with the rattle snake Gary ate in Texas, Dawn? LOL

    Oh, btw, part of the game Dawn and I play. Dawn was quoting Gary from DU p 243 'Are you flirting, or is it just me?'

    DU p 242, 243
    Gary: Say, I was wondering. J let you touch him so you could know he was real when he came to you after the crucifixion, right? So I was wondering, can I touch you just to see if you're real?

    Pursah: Yeah, right. Where would you like to touch me Gary?

    Gary: Are you flirting, or is it me?

    Pursah: It's you. I was referring to that secret fetish of yours.

    OH, yeah, I saw first hand Gary's secret fetish 2 weeks ago. LOL It was a fun night!

  15. Well, Triskana, I knew you were going to ask me that, just kidding! I was talking about your comment about the goal of playing out the perfect Course student! I had just been thinking about myself trying to do the very same thing!

  16. Okies...thanks to both of you for answering my questions. Flirting: resolved. Humble pie/chicken: somewhat resolved. Reading your mind: resolved. Rushing to be the perfect Course student: HS sending me the right things to read that help with that, plan to get bio of Bill Thetford--the first student to complete the Course, with humor and calmness! My
    new roll model...he rolled with it! ;-)

    Will stop posting under this 'older' post. People are beginning to talk, iykwim! :-)
    LOLOLOLOLOLOL Remembering to laugh!