Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Forgiving at the Drive Thru

I should say forgiving after the drive thru, right? Because I'm always miles down the road before I realize that my meatless taco has meat in it, and the kids crispy strips aren't crispy strips at all, they're drumsticks.

Aah geez, we're one step closer now, I think. Each time the choice is made to forgive truly is one step away from error rather than towards it. That's a relief.

I notice the kids are unusually flexible when it comes to this sort of thing. They were most upset on my behalf, so I assured them that the truth is, I could probably stand to miss a meal here and there anyway! And it's not like I would actually have to miss one because our cupboards couldn't get any fuller. And the girl at the drive through was just so kind, how can we really blame her?

That's just the way the script was written, and I wrote the darned thing. Yup, I made a deal with my ego to get the meat filled taco so I could blame the drive thru for my lack of peace and keep the seeming separation going and going and going...

But I have a new deal now with the Holy Spirit. I agree to forgive my sister at the drive thru for what she hasn't really done, and He agrees to remove the unconscious guilt from my mind.

Hey, now that's a deal that can't be beat! And everyone wins!


  1. Taco Bell, LOL, this reminds me of an episode of Beavis and Butthead. The teacher is holding a sign of a phrase in Spanish, and wants B&B to tell him what it's saying. Butthead guesses, 'Uh, burritos?' Spanish teacher, 'No, no, no.' Butthead, 'Uh, guacamole.' Spanish teacher turns to Beavis, 'Senor Beavis?' Beavis is like, 'Uh, spaghetti!'

    Spanish totally frustrated, 'Damn it, you two idiots have been in this class for almost the entire school year and the only Spanish you know is what you learned at Taco Bell, and Beavis can't even get that right. I'm give you little bastards another chance to say something in Spanish, if you can't you're both going to the principal's office and you're both flunking. Well, I'm waiting.'

    Butthead, 'Blah blah blah blah blah, Rico Suave.' Teacher, 'Principal's office now!' Beavis, 'Uh, Taco Supreme!!!!' Teacher, 'Get out, now!'

    Sorry, I'm easily amused.

    Anyway, you're winning Dawn!!! Yay!

  2. Commo esta usted? Te queiro! Gracias, senior! I don't know for sure, but I may have just told you that there's a taco on your toe!

  3. I wish I could have the clarity that the two of you have. I get mad, angry, upset, and I *rarely* if ever remember that I'm dreaming :)

    Anyway, guess there's a lot of practicing for me to do :)


  4. Anil, please know that I get mad, angry, upset, hateful, mean, bitchy, sad, lonely, depressed, tired, annoyed, disgusted, you name it! I promise we are really all the same, and I'm not leaving hell without you! We'll all practice together, K?

  5. dear mcs -
    that is a sweet message (:. thank you. don't worry - i'm not worried that you'll leave without me (:

    if the truth is true (and how could it not be so, i guess), then everything really is ok where we're really at - just difficult for us to be aware of it at all times.

    yes, i'm happy to practice with you, giddyupmike and everyone else here in this illusory world.

    as ken says, for a lot of us (definitely true for me), it takes a lot to just live normally through the ways of the world.

    and i've come to a point now in my study (if i could so "grandly" call it that (:
    where i just need to empty my mind of all my misconceptions and go with "wholly empty hands unto my God".

    anyway, i rambled a lot more than i intended to (: --- take care, and many thanks for your words of kindness.


  6. Your welcome, Anil! And I don't ever think of you as rambling! I would way rather read than write, so I'm always thrilled to read what you have to say!

  7. Yes, me too Anil, I am NOT perfect at practicing forgiveness. I wish I was, but just not there yet. Hang in there, giddy up!

    As far as MCS goes, total sweetheart, can't picture her bitchy. She's freakin' awesome!

    Oh, btw, no tacos on my toe. But I did have vegan enchilada for dinner this evening. Yum!!!

  8. Hi GiddyupMikey -
    Good to hear from you. Yesterday I went to your blog (it was your blog that brought me to MCS to begin with :)), and read the lovely report on the Ashland weekend with Gary.

    I usually attend the workshops in Boston each Sept, but the last September was so long back, and this September seems equally far away - refreshing and fun to read of the weekend, see the pics and the video clips !!!

    I tried leaving a post on your blog, (but no gmail account means I can't :(...

    Anyway, take care...look forward to continuing our chats here.

  9. Hey Anil, I went to see Gary and Cindy again last weekend in Portland, Oregon. They did a Friday evening, and all day Saturday gig.

    I'm originally from Massachusetts, but didn't know of Gary then. I left in the summer of 2004. Looks like they'll be there on Sept 18 in Boston. If you go, tell them, "giddy up!"