Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about interpreting A Course in Miracles. If left to my own devices I would interpret the Course as... well... NOT for me!

I got my first copy of the Course somewhere between 10 and 15 years ago. At that point, I was left to my own devices, and so, I ended up tossing the book in the trash can! What a knucklehead I was!

But I didn't know what any of it meant. It seemed kind of Christian which was not my favorite thing on account of the whole sacrifice the life of the one perfect guy to make up for all the rest of us hooligans thing.

I mean who does that? Having three boys myself, it wouldn't even occur to me to take the most well behaved one out into the backyard and kill him to make up for the bratty-ness of the other two.

And if I did do that, it would be weird if millions of people then worshipped me! Yeah, I didn't figure I really wanted to go to Heaven with a God like that.

I feel very thankful to have good teachers in form to help with accepting the fact that there really is only one interpretation of A Course in Miracles. And apparently my job isn't interpreting anyway, it's learning and then applying and applying and applying...

That Jesus sure does know everything! I'm going to keep all this true forgiveness business up, so I can remember that I know everything, too!


  1. Yeah, the Course never appealed to me. From my days of listening to Wayne Dyer, he would often quote from it, but I never felt drawn to explore it for myself. Then I read The Disappearance of the Universe and I didn't need to explore the Course for myself - Arten and Pursah spelled it all out so clearly and so bluntly that I knew exactly what they were talking about. However, if I had explored the Course prior to DU, I would have been turned off by the Christian terminology, and if kept reading, I would have likely thought the Course was contradicting itself. So, I probably would have tossed it too.

    Yeah, that is a pretty insane idea to kill your most behaved son.

    DU p 45 & 46:
    ........Before you knew it, you had people relating to J as the body of all bodies. They already believed God had created a flawed world with imperfect people like Adam and Eve who were capable of making mistakes. They completely overlooked the logic that for God to create the imperfect must either mean that He Himself was imperfect or He deliberately made those who were so they could screw up, be punished by Him, and suffer here on psycho planet. Then, according to this developing new religion, God takes - incredibly - His big-time special only begotten Son, who would apparently be more Holy than the rest of the scum of the earth, and sends him as a blood sacrifice to suffer and die on a cross as a way of vicariously atoning for people's sins.

    Except now there's ANOTHER big problem, because even according to Christianity's own doctrines, this does not really atone for anybody else's sins. If it atoned for people's sins, then that would be the end of it. Problem solved. But no! It now becomes necessary for everyone to blindly BELIEVE in all of the details conveniently set forth exclusively by the Christian religion, or else they will STILL burn in hell, even if they happened to be born - presumably by God's will - in a place, time, or culture that isn't even familiar with this particular religion!

    Yes, application. Like Pursah says in DU p 234, 'Forgiveness is where the rubber meets the road. Without forgiveness, metaphysics are useless.

    Oh, one more thing. There are actually many different interpretations of A Course in Miracles, but there is only ONE CORRECT interpretation: There is no world and only God is real. And the application of true forgiveness will undo the blocks to the awareness that, indeed, only God is real. : )

  2. Thank you for that "one more thing" Giddy... I sometimes find myself getting caught up in whatever it is I am forgiving which turns everything ass backwards until I see what I'm doing.. I am going to paste that one more thing up on my wall at work to help me remember that and maybe I'll see things a little sooner! Seth

  3. Wow! Thanks for all of that. I knew you'd (Mikey) put some wonderful quotes in there. And yes, by one interpretation, I meant one CORRECT interpretation!

  4. Yes, I knew that's what you meant Dawn!

    Giddy up Seth!

  5. Your blogs are so much better than t.v.