Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Interpreting, Part II

I have one little bit more information to share about all of this interpretation business.

It's from one of my all time favorite books, The Disappearance of the Universe. There's nothing quite like a quote from that book to make everything perfectly clear. This first gem is from page 91:

ARTEN: If J meant for his Course to be subject to your interpretation rather than his instruction, then why give it in the first place? Why not just let you make up your own version of everything, which is exactly what you've been doing throughout your seemingly separate existence? The truth is that if you really understand A Course in Miracles, which is rare, then there is only one possible interpretation. If you change it, which is typical, then it is no longer A Course in Miracles.

And this second one comes from page 100:

ARTEN: Let me ask you something else. If today you have 20,000 churches that don't really understand J's message -- and I assure you they don't -- and if you have them all disagreeing about what J's message is supposed to mean, and in the meantime the world hasn't changed -- not really -- then do you honestly believe it will serve humanity if you end up with twenty thousand different interpretations of A Course in Miracles?

MAD COURSE STUDENT: Probably not! What I get out of all of this is the sense that, by listening, I'm being saved a whole lot of trial, error and time! And for that, I thank God!


  1. And we thank Arten & Pursah too for being so clear and blunt in their teachings, and Gary for putting himself and his books out there. Yay, Dawn!

    Oh, and you know those 2 quotes you used are in my book too! We can't get enough of A&P, and we're not talking about groceries. : )

  2. Thanks for this blog... As I said I would, Giddy, I put that quote you added to yesterday's blog up at my desk right next to my day's lesson and it led me to a wonderful experience that tied right into that lesson. Although I will continue to change the lesson daily, THAT will stay there. It definitely puts the lessons right into a new perspective for me! Thank you for that! Seth

  3. Awesome Anonymous Seth! Glad you like it. I posts lots of stuff on Facebook. If you're on there you can add me as a friend. MCS is on there as well. There are several Course groups and a DU group on there I post quotes on. You can find me here: