Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So, Just a Few Days Ago...

I started rereading the text of the Course again. I'm not far, but as I read through the Principles of Miracles, number 45 really jumped out at me. It says, "A miracle is never lost. It may touch many people you have not even met, and produce undreamed of changes in situations of which you are not even aware."

So, I started kind of thinking about that one as I continued to read, and then I get to page 10 and J says, "That the miracle may have effects on your brothers that you may not recognize is not your concern."

Sheesh! I wasn't concerned. I was just thinking!

It's funny how highly personal our experiences with Jesus and His Course can be while we learn that we're not even people!

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  1. I had an experience last year, maybe you read it on my blog, about J visiting me as ghost upon waking up one morning. Then I went to ready Your Immortal Reality later on that day on p 205:

    Pursah quotes Jesus from the Course, "When I said 'I am with you always,' I meant it literally. I am not absent to anyone in any situation. Because I am always with you, you are the way, the truth and the life."

    Whoa, no kidding!