Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Looked at Death and it Disappeared!

It happened while I was in bed sleeping early the other morning. I was having one of those highly vivid, seemingly symbolic dreams that felt completely real just like the waking dream usually does. You know the kind, where when you wake up, you remember every detail because you just lived it! Or so it seemed...

Anyway, I wanted to take the kids to Seaworld in Canada. I was driving in the car with the kids, and I saw a street sign. It said Niagara Falls Blvd. I pulled over, and the kids and I jumped out of the car and ran into this bridal salon to ask for directions. I asked the people who worked there, but they ignored me. I also asked the customers, and they ignored me too.

I found myself going into malls and bowling alleys asking everyone if they knew how to get to Seaworld in Canada. They either ignored me or said a bunch of stuff I couldn't follow. I saw a guy with blue hair and a yellow shirt who was saying he was from Vancouver, and I asked him and he said, "No."

Finally, I decided to get in the car by myself and see if I could find it. I could bring the kids back later when I knew how to get there. I found myself on a stretch of highway that briefly looked familiar, like the stretch right by my house. I quickly realized it wasn't by my house, but I remembered being on this highway many times before and always getting lost. I thought, I hate this stupid place, and I veered to the right to round a curve, but I cut the wheel too soon, and drove right off a cliff that was hundreds or thousands of feet high. I wholeheartedly believed it was not survivable.

My first thought was I can't believe I just did that! Then, I joined with J in my mind. Then, I thought of my kids and their dad and in my mind I said I'm so sorry and I love you to them. Then I thought about how shocked and dismayed my mother would be. Then I wondered if it would hurt when I landed. Then I wondered why I hadn't landed yet. Then, I opened my eyes to take a peak and saw that I was in my bed! And then, I was thrilled! Thrilled, I tell you!

Paraphrasing from the Course and The Disappearance of the Universe, There is no death. The Son of God is free!

If plummeting thousands of feet off a cliff in a 95 Buick Century ain't no cause for alarm, then maybe there just ain't no cause for alarm, after all?


  1. Awesome Dawn!

    DU p 323:
    Gary: I was dreaming in bed about a month ago and something fearful happened in the dream. I remembered to ask J for help in the dream, and I felt his strength take over.

    Pursah: Yes. At some point the Course's thought system becomes so much a part of you that you'll choose the strength of Christ even when you're asleep at night.

    I have had about 5 or 6 of these experiences, including on back to back nights a couple months ago.

    One time I had a dream where I was part of a group of people trying to rescue children in China who were held in a children's prison. I got caught by the authorities and they were going to behead me, and in the dream I was scared, but as they were about to behead me, I remembered to call on J for help, and I woke up immediately. : )

    Also, this past Christmas eve, in my 'waking dream' on my way to my mom and step dad's, I hit black ice, and I kept spinning around, probably for at least 4 or 5 seconds, I couldn't stop. I said in my mind, 'Uh, J I need a little help here.' Then it stopped before any potential harm was done.

  2. I thought about these very quotes after I had that dream! Thanks for posting them and sharing your dream. I had to drive quite a distance today, and I kept thinking about black ice!

  3. Hello Dawn! Mikey Mike (Giddy Up) mentioned your blog to me so here I am. Found you! Peek-a-boo. '-)

    Anyone who has read Gary's book 22 times (and counting) must have a bit to say in the script that bears repeating. I just read every blog post. I enjoyed it lots!

    So count me in as a reader (at least I can say that today...don't know where HS/J are taking me tomorrow.) Birds of a feather flock together...or not! lol

    Thanks for allowing me to peek into your /our Mind.