Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Did President Obama... The Disappearance of the Universe or what? Holy Shmola, I love this guy! Everything he said during the State of the Union Address this evening could have come right out of either one of Gary's books.

I keep hearing about how his approval rating is low, and it seems every time I turn on the TV someone is criticizing him and I think, "Have you lost your freaking mind?" And then I think, "Oh, yeah, you have, we all have or we wouldn't think we were here in the first place." Good to know!

Anyway, I'm dreaming I'm a democrat. It's wild how that old separation idea appears to play itself out with the republicans and the democrats. While President Obama was speaking, they kept showing this little group of guys who refused to clap. I caught myself wondering if any democrats have ever done that to a republican President and thinking probably not.

So, instead of attacking myself, I did what any Course student would do, I joined with J and forgave instead!

And that's what it's all about!


  1. You remembered to forgive - good job!

    Actually, I have caught pieces of Bush's State of the Union addresses in the past and the Democrats did the same thing - didn't stand up or clap. LOL

    Also, back in October, I went down to see Gary in Marin County, CA (just north of San Francisco) and sat with Cindy. I asked her during Gary's workshop, pointing to page 399 where Pursah says, 'The day will come when a President will emerge who knows how to join with God in true prayer and find genuine inspiration.' So I asked Cindy if she thought Pursah was referring to Obama and she said yes.

  2. I am no expert... just another (not) guilty body hanging out in this world. But I believe Obama to be that one also. I am also registered "unaffiliated" and play the voting game according to how I feel no matter what the candidate chooses to call himself. Labels seem just to be another way to affirm the separation. I can totally forgive labels! I have never read any of Gary's books. But I meditate and find my own way in that connection. I am barely into my first reading of ACIM. The whole thing is fascinating.