Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mysterious Aches and Pains

So, I've been experiencing these mysterious aches and pains. One day the skin on the back of my right thigh just started hurting. Yesterday, my right elbow started hurting, and last night it was chest pains and a headache.

I tried to comprehend that pain is a mental process rather than a physical one. This pain thing seems so freaking real when you're experiencing it. Although, none of the aches and pains described above, are anything compared to say labor and childbirth which is in my experience, pain beyond comprehension!

The Course is very clear that the guiltless mind can't suffer. I do still think I'm a guilty body. My whole life I've felt like something terrible had happened, and it was all my fault. There's obviously work to be done, but I have to say that I'm not one bit opposed to seeking relief on this level while I practice forgiveness with Jesus in my mind.

It seems I've built up quite a case against myself, and I want to let Him throw it out!

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  1. YIR p 106

    As the Course says, 'The guiltless mind cannot suffer.' It blows the whole idea of glorifying sacrifice right out of the water. Because pain is not a physical process, it's a mental process, and if you healed all the unconscious guilt in the mind, then you couldn't feel any pain. That changes the message of the Crucifixion from the idea of worshiping suffering and sacrifice to a demonstration that if you were healed, then it would be impossible for you to feel any pain or to suffer.

    Can't imagine giving birth, more power to you! I'm still a guilty body so I would definitely feel it, LOL!