Saturday, February 6, 2010


Alright, I wanted to talk about themes a little bit. I don't really know anything about them or what they mean...nothing in the big picture I'm bettin', but since it's Saturday night, and I still think I'm in the picture, I figured I'd do some wondering.

Hey, that's probably what I said just before the you know what(separation)...that didn't really happen(THANK GOD)...but sure seems to have(ugh!)...

Anyway, it seems like there are themes in the sense that certain areas in life go incredibly smoothly for some of us and incredibly crappy for others of us. For example, I seem to have pretty good luck when it comes to anything legal. I can get pulled over for speeding, running a red light, no inspection, no registration, and can't find my license all at the same time and get a warning. My mother, on the other hand, could be sitting in her own home, and someone could come in and physically assault her, and she would have to pay a fine.

Sometimes you get both sides of the same illusory theme. For example, haircuts. It seems we're all darned destined for a bad one of those at least once. I've already had mine, thank you.

It's mind boggling to think of all the zillions of ways this illusory business seems to be scripted out. Arten and Pursah talk about how it's possible to live the same lifetime over again with a different result. They even use my favorite quote from Shakespeare about how, "There are more things in Heaven and earth, Horatio, then are dreamt of in your philosophy." They assure us that we all have the same number of so called good lives as bad lives. We've all been famous, and we've all been the dregs of the earth.

Ultimately, all three of them, J and A & P, heck all four of them, J and A & P and Gary, seem to say that nothing can compare to remembering who we and our brothers and sisters really are, and this true forgiveness can't help but lead to that. Thank God!


  1. Thank God! Love this quote from the Course:

    Lesson 46 God is the Love in which I forgive:

    God does not forgive because He has never condemned. And there must be condemnation before forgiveness is necessary. Forgiveness is the great need of this world, but that is because it is a world of illusions. Those who forgive are thus releasing themselves from illusions, while those who withhold forgiveness are binding themselves to them. As you condemn only yourself, so do you forgive only yourself.

    Yet although God does not forgive, His Love is nevertheless the basis of forgiveness. Fear condemns and love forgives. Forgiveness thus undoes what fear has produced, returning the mind to the awareness of God. For this reason, forgiveness can truly be called salvation. It is the means by which illusions disappear.

  2. I feel so happy that this is a 'required course' and that it is so simple....just do the forgiveness...and voilÄ!...all else falls into (or out of) place!

    I always thought, before Gary, that this 'ascension'/getting back to God thing had to be complicated, segregated, initiated, earned, hard work, drudgery and so on. Nope! It's just giving it all to HS/J to look at and accepting the Truth. There is no world! (taking baby steps lots of the time...that's okay, too...and gentle). God loves us soooo much!

    Easy peasy. Ahhhhhhh, thanks God!