Friday, February 12, 2010

Someone to Turn To...

That's one of my favorite things about A Course in Miracles, it has given me someone to turn to for everything! I tend to take that quite literally, and I've gotten into the habit of turning to J or the Holy Spirit as some prefer to refer to Him for everything from a cold right on through to the death of a loved one. Pursah points out in The Disappearance of the Universe that it's just as important to forgive a cold as it is to forgive the death of a loved one. So, that's where I got that from!

Anyway, we find right in the preface, in the section called, "How It Came," Dr. Schucman writes, "The names of the collaborators in the recording of the Course do not appear on the cover because the Course can and should stand on its own. It is not intended to become the basis for another cult. Its only purpose is to provide a way in which some people will be able to find their own Internal Teacher."

I am one of those people. I have found my own Internal Teacher which doesn't mean I always listen or even hear, but that's what that little willingness is for, I think. I can't find the line I wanted to use from the Course where J encourages us to take His hand and He says, "I assure you this will be no idle fantasy."

I don't hesitate to find any promises J might make in the blue book, and I put Him right on the spot. He always makes good, though. That's the thing, He really is in there somewhere doing His job perfectly. I've found that having Him as my go to Guy has been the biggest relief of my life even though He's not really a Guy. When He says, on page 56, "In this world you need not have tribulation because I have overcome the world. That is why you should be of good cheer," I do relax then, and be of good cheer, usually. Thank God!


  1. The quote from the Course you are looking for is on p 120, Workbook Lesson 70:

    Since all illusions of salvation have failed you, surely you do not want to remain in the clouds, looking vainly for idols there, when you could so easily walk on into the light of real salvation. Try to pass the clouds by whatever means appeals to you. If it helps you, think of me holding your hand and leading you . And I assure you this will be no idle fantasy.

    You put J on the spot? LOL

    As far as willingness goes, remember this from Disappearance p 304
    Arten: Most of the time J says it takes a little willingness. But that’s not for advanced students. In the Manual for Teachers, he says it takes ABUNDANT willingness. M46 (17:8:4)

    Gary: The old bait and switch, huh?

    Arten: Whatever it takes to get a lazy guy like you moving.

    Be Passersby, and and Be of Good Cheer too! : )

  2. I knew you would know right where to find this! Thanks. I do remember that from DU, but I'm not so sure I'm an advanced student yet. I'm working on it to be sure! I know A & P talked about this no idle fantasy thing must have been in YIR cause I didn't find it in DU? Gosh, you'd think I have amnesia!

  3. You know, I thought I had heard that quote 'no idle fantasy' somewhere outside of the Course too. However, when I checked the Index References in both of Gary's books, the quote that page is on is not referenced in either book, which is from Workbook page 120 (70:9:4) So, anyway, I just started my 9th reading of YIR this weekend, I'll let you know if I end up finding it in their but I don't think I'm gong to.

    Wait a minute, it just occurred to me that perhaps this is the Course quote you were thinking of that is in YIR, which I have hanging up on my wall next to my pic of J-Dog, which I put there later on in the day that He appeared to me:

    "When I said 'I am with you always,' I meant it literally. I am not absent to anyone in any situation. Because I am always with you, you are the way, the truth and the life." T116 (7:III:1:7-9)