Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An Alligator and a Python

It's ironic, but I watch a nature show on PBS on Sunday nights at 8:00pm. I remember 25 years ago, I had a stepfather who was 40 years my senior, and he insisted on taking me and my friend on a nature walk at Allegany State Park. You can bet there was a lot of eye rolling and praying to please make it stop going on all day! Now I'm thinking, let me face this, the fact is that there are only two kinds of people that actually watch PBS; babies and old people. Will I ever grow up?

Anyway, this week I watched an alligator eat a python and then I watched a python eat an alligator and then I watched some guy cut open a python and find a whole graveyard full of alligator claws, and bird beaks, and what not inside. This was definitely a different experience from watching the wolves the week before. They were beautiful and graceful. I was mesmerized by their social rituals and their strong family ties. The reptiles not so much. Infact, it was so disgusting, it was hard to watch.

Then I remembered that it really was just one thought that had made all images appear. It was my decision to take the "tiny mad idea" of separation seriously that had caused me to lose my mind. And practicing true forgiveness will help me find it. Thank God!

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  1. Yes, just like when 9-11 went down, Gary remembered J, and then realized that what his bodies eyes were telling him wasn't really happening, because the separation never occurred. (DU p 396)

    So no alligators eating pythons and vice versa, as the Holy Spirit would say: IT NEVER HAPPENED! (DU p 212) Just our own insanity as being seen outside ourselves. And nobody one, (and nothing) can take the peace of God away from us except by our own decision. (DU p 169)