Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dude, Where's My Jesus Fish?

I'm so excited, I could scream! In fact, I am gonna scream....

This book was written by my good friend, Mike Lemieux, aka Giddy Up Mikey, just Mikey, or as I sometimes call him Michael Robert! And let me tell you, thanks to Mikey, I'm getting all this God business on a deeper level!

As I've said before, Mikey could have been nicknamed the Quote Master Flash because that guy can pick the quotes and arrange them in ways that'll blow your freakin' mind! This book is a gift to anyone who picks it up.

Oh, and the other really cool thing about this book is you CAN judge it by its cover! Its got the coolest cover I've ever even seen, I tell you!

I mean who doesn't want a book called, Dude Where's My Jesus Fish?, laying around on their coffee table? I know I do, and here's an interesting historical fact, I was the very first customer! And I'm not only satisfied, I'm stratisfied!

There's a link to Mikey's website on the top right of this page. Enjoy!


  1. Dawn, you're frickin' awesome - thanks a whole bunch! Love ya, Mikey

  2. And yes, officially, Dawn was my very first order, buying a copy for her mom. Of course, being the very dear friend that she is, her own copy of DWMJF? was on the house. Giddy up!

  3. Thanks fot the link!

  4. A lot of careful work went into the selection of the quotes into meaningful categories and the careful footnoting and the enlightened comments by Mikey. It certainly helps me deepen my knowledge of the bluntness of the teachings and the sharp distinctions drawn with other "new age" thinkers among other things. This is ACIM with a sharper edge.

  5. Thanks Anonymous person "ACIM with a sharper edge" - I dig!

  6. Dude, Where's Your Blog Gone? LOL

    Just got caught up since last time I moseyed on in here. Good pickins', I reckon!

    Hope to read more Dawn posts real soon.

    Giddy up and let me know if you're getting through the Carol Howe book okay. It has its dry spells...they pass!

    peace. love. joy.