Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm Back!

So, I have my own blog about, A Course in Miracles, and no body but me knows about it, but since I'm not a body and there's no actual me, does that mean that no one including me knows about it? I'm just fooling with me, I mean you. Good jokes!

So anyway, it's so cool that anyone can blog about anything. My favorite thing to think and talk about is God, and since A Course in Miracles is my chosen path back to Him, I like to talk about it a lot. I might as well chat about it here where people who want to hear it can and people who don't want to don't actually have to. Although, there's no one but me here, literally, figuratively, and metaphorically. Seriously, how do people find out that Joe Blow has a blog about small tree climbing frogs? That'll have to remain a mystery a bit longer...

Is there a word limit or am I just allowed to drone on and on and on? I hope I'm allowed to drone. Except, uh-oh, I don't have anything else to say. I have a really lot to say when I think about blogging but not much while I'm actually blogging. That might be a problem, but probably not since there's just the one problem and the one solution which I'm now applying.

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