Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I was just chatting with my little brother, Brian. He told me he thinks I'm the craziest person he's ever even heard of. I was shocked. I said, "Crazier than that guy who took the Discovery Channel employees hostage today?" And he said, "Yes."

So then I tried to prove to him that I'm really not crazy by pointing out how very open minded I am and how stable and how my behavior is so normal and consistent. Then he had to go do something, and so he asked me to call him back in five minutes to which I said I needed and hour.

So, I forgave it and realized it doesn't really matter what he thinks of me. It just matters what I think of him. I called him back in an hour and the subject didn't even come up again, and that was that.

Although, I'm thinking he was probably right. I mean if I wasn't crazy I wouldn't think I was here in the first place, right?

All I can say is thank God for true forgiveness which apparently leads away from crazy rather than towards it. Good God, I hope I'm doing it right.


  1. Hi Dawn -
    We are all crazy indeed, aren't we ? I mean, if we're seeing what is not there, and not seeing what is there, we must be insane !! (:
    But only in this illusory world :).

    On another note, thanks for the comment on the older post - yes, wouldn't that be great if we all could see/experience first hand that there was no separation ?

    that in truth, Gary, J, and every one of all the people we know in this world were all in really perfect peaceful harmony with no separation at all ?

    I've been missing reading, browsing through my copies of DU and YIR (I have several, in each of the cities that I visit the most frequently). But now, while on vacation here in Brazil, I have no access to it at all.

    Maybe I should get an e-book reader ? Hmmm.. I wonder if DU/YIR have made it into e-book format...

    Take care, and happy Labor Day,

  2. Hey Anil! Happy vacationing to you! I do think they have those on kindle or something like that anyway! But heck, you can take the day off because it's all in your mind already, of that I am sure. I hope your weather is beautiful and you're having the time of your life!